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portrait Pierre Mugnier
Pierre Mugnier

The passion of a job

Created on December 22, 2004, Kalis is the fruit of my passion for two professions: florist and gardener. Drawing its origins in the word “Calice” (Calyx in English), which is the protective envelop of the flower before it blooms.

I want to enhance flowers, plants and gardens, which are nobles and precious. Kalis is between those 3 universes. By combining our expertise and these converging environments, my team and I try to ally interior design and the staging of flowers, plants and gardens with aestheticism and refinement. Creativity is our finest quality.

Driven by the desire to do our best, we are constantly looking for new ideas with the desire to improve again and again.

white sensation

If our workshop is our work and creation space, our shop is our space to meet and share with our customers. Beyond a simple showcase, it mirrors our aesthetic sensitivity and creative signature.

In parallel, we renew every week the floral decoration of major Geneva companies.

For 14 years, we have been able to include Kalis among the players in floral events, the creation of original compositions and the decoration of gardens. We have also developed a wide range of Welton London brand candles and fragrances, the high-end scents of which are developed in Grasse, the world’s perfume capital.

The freshness of the flowers and plants, the originality of the compositions and their unique character are and remain our key words.

Pierre Mugnier

The shop

A trendy and contemporary atmosphere enhanced by floral creations

Located in the heart of the old city of Geneva, our 250sqm workshop houses all the know-how of the company and is our place of work and innovation.

Dressed in structured concrete and matt blackened walls, the contemporary decoration gives depth to this background and enhances the natural colours of the flowers on display, like pieces of art. Everything is meticulously crafted down to the LED lighting, enhanced with two chandeliers and a baroque inspired mirror. A small spiral iron staircase leads to the first floor where a cosy reception area is located. The bright, pastel or powdery flowers are sublimated by the soft light in which the shop is bathed.

Our products

Varied and atypical decorative objects

We offer you a wide choice of vases and planters in a contemporary style, but also decorative objects and furniture: trendy baroque lighting, console tables, sofas… We take pleasure in finding objects as original as our floral creations.

Delivery in Geneva within 4 hours
Freshness all the way guaranteed
Originality constantly assured
Respect of the seasons cycle


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